128GB Card Dual Screen Raspberry Pi4 RetroPie Marquees Loaded



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The ULTIMATE 128GB Card for Raspberry Pi 4 for Arcade Gamers – utilizing BOTH monitor outputs and creating a 2nd Monitor as a changing marquee (depending on the chosen game). Yes you heard that, WE NOW HAVE MARQUEES ON RASPBERRY PI ON A LOADED IMAGE!!.

Once you set your settings in EMULATION STATION (such as controller) the built in script that the team created (amongst many others!) will copy your settings over to ATTRACT MODE – so no more having to reset everything when switching….


  • Both Emulation Station and Attract Mode
  • CRT Blast theme used for both with ES having 2 additional choices
  • 3 included boot up videos
  • New system loading videos
  • Dual monitor support (auto-detection built-in) to show system/game marquees
    Custom system marquees
  • Auto-configure Attract Mode GUI gamepad controller script
  • Updated Emulation Station Collections script (over 300 now available)
  • Over 140 supported systems

This card is setup to use dual monitors. If during power up, a second monitor is detected, it will automatically show the marquee images. If not, then it’ll just use a single monitor as normal.

  1. insert into a Raspberry Pi 4 and turn on
  2. configure gamepad/controllers
  3. adjust volume to 100
    adjust system volume slider to 100
  4. play!

The primary monitor is the HDMI port closest to the power port.
No bezels have been setup, however The Bezel Project script is installed.

Attract Mode:

This image includes Emulation Station as well as Attract Mode.
From the Emulation Station main menu, go into the RetroPie menu. There are two options for Attract Mode.
1. Attract Mode – configure GUI controls
2. Attract Mode – reboot and switch
Before switching to Attract Mode, run the configure GUI option. This will automatically map your current gamepad setup to Attract Mode. Your gamepad
will then work within Attract Mode just like it does in Emulation Station.
Note: Attract Mode is still experimental on the Pi 4 boards.

Pressing Y on the gamepad will mark a game as a favorite.
To make it show up in the Favorites display, you need to run the Favorites Utility within the Options menu and generate a new Favorites romlist.

Dual Monitor Marquees:

The secondary monitor is setup to show system or game marquees.
The included system marquees are 1920×1080 in size.
These can easily be replaced by other PNG files (for example to fit more traditional marquee size monitors).
System marquees are located here: /home/pi/PieMarquee2/marquee
Game marquees are located under their respective system subfolders: /home/pi/PieMarquee2/marquee/(system)
System marquees must be named to match the configured system while game marquees must be named to match the rom filename.

DISCLAIMER:  As a buyer, you agree to the rules below: You own a license or game for any ROM/image included and/or will remove any ROMs for which you do not. You will NOT distribute any of these files illegally.